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Kaori and I love Japan and the work God's given us here. At the same time, we deeply care about you, our supporters, friends and family back home. Now here's the dilemma: how to bring these two worlds (separated by 6000 miles of ocean) together.

Our hope with this website and
blog is to unite those worlds just a little bit better. We want you to get to know about us, our work in Japan, and the country in which that God has given us a desire to plant churches. If we can facilitate more prayer, more interest in coming, and a better informed support base, then we've accomplished our job with this site.

So go ahead and browse around this website a little with a cup of green tea. Then get a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes praying for us, our ministry, and the Japanese people.



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Excerpt: It's a challenge living in Japan, even after 22 years. Kawasaki has some 45,000 other foreigners with the same challenge. I'd like to do something for them. So , this past year during the pandemic, it's been my joy to serve as a voice... [Read More]


Here is our heart for Musashi Kosugi (Muko), a quick overview of the state of mission there, and an explanation of our new church project and vision. [See More Info]

The 3/11 Triple Disaster in Japan

Everything changed for Japan in just a matter of moments. "It's beyond a nightmare." said a Japanese friend of the apocalyptic scene in northern Japan. At 2:46 pm the tragedy began:
  • 9.1 magnitude earthquake
  • 30~40 foot tsunami wave
  • Near nuclear meltdown
  • 22,800 dead or missing
  • 590,000 evacuated
  • 300km of coast devastated
  • 300,000 buildings gone
  • Japan shifts 12 feet west

In the days after 3/11 came the powerful aftershocks [See Tokyo skyscrapers sway] and utility outages. Then shortages of rice, foods and bottled water in stores throughout Japan.

Here in Tokyo we watched the mass exodus of foreigners and the panic buying. As we waited out the aftershocks, we felt safe in God’s will to stay put and minister as He allows. Troubled times are opportunities to speak into the hearts of Japanese that have been tightly closed.
"And who knows (Kevin & Kaori) but that you have come (to Japan)...for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14

A Time to Pray…A Time to Work…

After things settled down, several of us missionaries began taking trips into the tsunami area to help with cleanup. We were overwhelmed by the enormous piles of people’s once-precious possessions, now just muddied trash waiting to be hauled away. I was reminded again of the fleeting nature of things, and how fragile life is! I was overwhelmed by sadness for Japan, and renewed in my passion
to do what I can to bring the gospel to this hurting people.

Our church plant, Denen Grace Chapel, has sent a team into the coastal area of Taro with the
311Network several times, along with various relief goods. I am proud to see their dedication and hard work!
Recently, a Japanese pastor complimented me on the "spirit of bravery" missionaries exhibited after 311: "While most foreigners fled south or left Japan," he said, "missionaries grabbed shovels and supplies and headed north." That may have been the case, but I assured him that it was not out of bravery. Our knees were shaking more than the ground! It was a simple desire to be with and help those hurting people we have served; to bring the cross and love of Christ into a wounded area.

Something Beautiful in the Tragedy

The church in Japan, together with local and ouside Christian compassion organizations, responded in a dramatic way to pour out love in the name of Jesus on the people of Tohoku. The wave of Christian care was greater than any wave of destruction.
The physical destruction can be cleaned up, covered over and rebuilt [See before and after photos]. Although rebuilding of homes may take much longer, much progress has already been made. The rebuilding of human lives, however, will not be so easy.
But God is doing something of beauty in the scars of 311. The people of Tohoku have seen the love of Christians and are changing their attitude toward the church [See "The Jesus People" of Taro].

Spiritually, people are wide open in Tohoku. It is reported that the people of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures are responding positively to Christian testimony 70~80% of the time. This is an unheard of rate. Many rural churches are seeing a unprecedented rate of conversion and baptisms. New church plants are currently underway in a number of areas along the affected coastal area.

Reach Japan…From Your Knees

When I heard Mr. M's vision for change [Read Pop-up Here], I knew that Japan needed the concerted prayer of the church as never before. Now is the time for a great ingathering of Japanese lives. God is bringing healing to Japanese by bringing Japanese to himself.
The soul of Japan has been flung open with the 311 tragedies, allowing great opportunity for the gospel to be shared. Truly, the harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. Would you pray for more volunteers for the many towns like Taro?
  • Pray for those involved in ongoing grief and counseling ministries.
  • Pray for many new churches to be started in rural northern Japan.
  • Pray for pastors ministering through fatigue in difficult conditions.
  • Pray that many Japanese will receive the gospel with joy.
  • Pray for new workers to come to Japan and meet the opportunities.
  • Pray for those planning outreach and organizing relief work.
  • Pray for local people contemplating suicide and without hope.
  • Pray that God would use us to comfort and bear witness for Him.


2020 Vision

Everything starts with vision. Here is ours for 2020. Let's dream together of a great new day of God's blessing in Japan!

Join the Vision in Japan…right where you are

Let's plant a church together. Let's call it a joint effort in partner- ship with each other and God. We can't do this work alone. We need you, too!

You may never reach Japan in person, but you can have an impact right where you are. Would you join us in the vision? We want to celebrate the harvest with you!
Some of you may feel led to give. Links are below for that. But there are plenty more ways to get involved as well. Pray. Network. Educate. Come. Share. Host. Befriend. Encourage.

See our
How to Help page for details. Japan needs the change you can bring…right from your living room. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of reaching Japan for Christ, too?

Idol and ancestor worship holds the heart of Japan. Today, pray for Japan to turn to the love of the one, true God who made them and desires to draw them to himself. Pray for spiritual eyes to be opened to God's truth.
The Bible tells us to "pray for the king." Today, pray for the salvation of Japan's leaders, those in the national diet, Prime Minister Noda, and Emperor Akihito. Pray for the few Christians in government to be salt and light.
Protestant Christians number only 0.2% of the population. Today, pray for the church in Japan to be bold in its witness, creative in its approach, energized in its work, and uncompromised in the truth of the Gospel.
The triple tragedy of 311 opened wide the floodgates for revival in northern Japan. Today, pray that the church would use this opportunity to show compassion and hope in Christ, and that people would respond to God's truth.
There is a severe shortage of pastors in Japan. Today, pray for the many churches without pastors to be encouraged. Pray that God would call many young men into ministry who would respond in obedience.
Today, pray for evangelical seminaries and Bible schools in Japan to be creative in training and raising up a new generation of leaders for Japan's depleted ranks of elderly pastors. The harvest is great, but workers few.
Every year thousands of Japanese return from work or study abroad. Many placed faith in Christ while overseas. Today, pray that they will be eager to find a local church family and they can grow strong in their new faith.
The high-pressure educational system makes it hard to reach the youth of Japan. Today, pray for campus ministries including HiBA, KGK, Campus Crusade, YWAM and others to make a spiritual impact on the youth in Japan.
Many missionaries serving in Japan struggle to be encouraged in a tireless work that has small perceived results. Today, pray that they would have an opportunity to share Christ with someone who will respond well to them.
Music and the arts are means through which Japanese respond favorably to Christianity. Today, pray for the development of more indigenous Japanese music, and for the growing impact of Black Gospel music.
Over a million Japanese live abroad, nearly a third of them are in the United States. Today, pray that they will be invited to church and moved by the love and support of Christians to make a decision for Christ.
Japan also sends out missionaries: nearly 2000 Protestant workers. Today, pray that the church in Japan would be encouraged in its missional vision to be an influence for Christ in parts of Asia inaccessible to others.
The population of foreigners in Japan, now over 2 million, rises each year. Today, pray for those among them that are Christians to be a powerful spiritual influence on their co-workers, fellow students, or host families.
Although many have drifted from their roots, there are still dozens of good Christian schools and universities in Japan. Today, ask God to give these schools a powerful witness among the many non-Christians that attend.
Rural areas in Japan are particularly hard to evangelize. Churches are few. Today, pray that God would break down the spiritual barriers, idolatry, superstition, collectivism, and prejudices in these areas to build His church.
Internet, radio, and print ministries continue to have the power to reach many Japanese with the Gospel. Today, pray that Japanese would "tune in" to one of these channels of religious media and put faith in Christ.
Japan is a wealthy, secularized country whose people place value in material things. Today, pray for the heart of Japan to be freed from the grip of affluence and focus on the spiritual things that truly last for eternity.
More workers are needed in Japan's harvest field, but the soaring yen discourages many to raise necessary funds. Today, pray that God would work in the life of someone who would dedicate their future to Japanese ministry.
In spite of its affluence, the homeless population and suicide rate in Japan is staggering. Japan is silently desperate. Today, pray that the church will find new ways to bring hope to hopeless, disenfranchised people.
Shinto and Buddhism have permeated cultural thinking, even though they lack daily religious adherence for Japanese. Today, pray that God's truth would slowly change the worldview of non-Christians attending Bible studies.
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HELP WANTED: Short and mid-term workers for a conversational English and friendship ministry in Japan with us. See details here

The Cross in the Tragedy

Click here for information on this 64-page book that Kevin's put together on Japan's 311 tragedy. Suitable for personal devotions, small group study, and missions education. Request a copy here.

Walk Our Streets

Explore our neighborhood a bit with a little help from the street-level views of Google Maps.

Seeing the Need

Click on the photo above to enlarge. Can you find the two people hilighted in yellow? Proportionately in this photo, they would represent the number of Christians in Japan. So, where are the rest of them all headed? They are headed to an eternity without Christ unless someone brings them the message of forgiveness and new life God offers in His Son. A staggering 99.4% still need to be reached with the Gospel message.

Who will bring that message and guide them to a place of spiritual safety and joy? Do you see the need to do anything?

Helps for Churches

Need a photo, bio sheet, promo video, or powerpoint slide for your church or small group? Please use these links to help fill those needs. Or just email us and request the information you are after.
I for Japan. Japan for the World. The World for Christ. And All for the Glory of God.

— Kanzo Uchimura, Japanese Evangelist

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